"Staci is the real deal. Where other practices I've tried have been mere saccharine, her teaching is sweet honey, straight from the bee. She is a spiritual midwife, holding you in her arms as you are delivered from the pain of the past. I will give you this warning: Do not step into this process with Staci unless you are truly prepared to awaken that which has been sleeping, deep inside of you, for far too long.” Jenny B.

I’m a practical spirituality guide, facilitator, ceremonialist, hands-on energy worker and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways.

With over 15 years of individual and group facilitation experience, I integrate spiritual consulting with practical guidance to help people develop resilience, courage, humor or whatever they need to navigate life better and feel more balanced inside.

Individual and couple’s sessions include interactive communication and energy healing for more conscious living. Couple’s sessions happen in person and emphasize shifting painful patterns to build genuine trust and connection. Individual sessions can happen in person, on the phone or via Skype often addressing anxiety, life transitions and relationship issues.

I am a certified Doula with a Master’s in Women’s Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). I also have over 10 years of training in non-ordinary states consciousness work through the Center for Sacred Studies

My group facilitation includes 7Directions® Dance Ceremony, Maitri Breathwork™, Practical Spirituality and women’s circles in person and online. A founder of 7Directions in 2002, I lead dance ceremony for the public, ongoing women’s groups and weekend retreats throughout the Bay Area.

As a ‘teacher’s teacher”, I developed the 7Directions Facilitator Training that began with Ruby Monsen in 2016. I’ve also been on staff of the Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training Program through the Center for Sacred Studies since 2008.

home_leaf2Change often begins with letting go

Over 20 years ago, I sat with my dear friend at a café. That year, we’d become sister survivors over our mutual hatred for law school while studying all the time. Well, actually, I skimmed textbooks so I’d have time to attend authentic movement and Wiccan classes at night (the stuff that really inspired me).

Even though I’d spent the summer in a heap on the floor sobbing over a final D in Contracts. Even though an inner voice constantly snarled, “See what happens when you don’t listen to your heart? Now you have to stay put and prove everyone wrong.” Even though I didn’t want to abandon my friend.

Sometimes defining moments arrive as a whisper.

Between sips of coffee, I noticed the air shifting around us. Next, an inner vision flashed. Where before we’d been on the same path, I suddenly saw myself turning right. Catching the drift, my friend said, “You’re leaving law school.” I looked at her deeply with tears in my eyes, and nodded. To free myself, I needed to let go.

The next day, after memorizing a visualization to meet a spiritual teacher from a book, I closed my eyes and found myself sitting across from the most beautiful old crone I’d ever seen. She smiled and said, “Congratulations, you’re here. You made the right decision to leave law school. Now it’s time to get to work.”

home_leaf2Daily life as a spiritual training ground

During the next ten years, as if in tacit agreement, daily life schooled me. As I grew a family and studied earth-based and women’s spirituality ways:

  • A healing apprenticeship taught me to support people, follow energy and create sacred space.
  • I practiced surrender through birthing two children.
  • My intuition developed into energy work and guided visualization with clients.
  • Mothering showed me how to find a balance between service and sacrifice.
  • Dance ceremony became an essential spiritual practice.
  • I realized essential ingredients for a happy marriage included laughter, respect and communication.

doorways_adjstedFast-forward in time and daily life has continued to be my greatest spiritual teacher.

In 2011 our teenage daughter survived a form of adolescent cancer. She was diagnosed just after I began writing about surrender, the last chapter in my book about how to let go and follow energy. What I learned from writing Turning Dead Ends into Doorways carried me through my daughter’s healing journey.

When you let go and follow something essential in your life, it grows you up and loves you back in unexpected faith-restoring ways. I am so grateful.


I am a mama-bear spiritual-midwife life-guide earth-based energy teacher

In order to really let go and follow something meaningful, something bigger than our little selves, we need to become whole enough to get out of the way. From there, we can form sacred relationships to follow.

Over the years, walking my talk has meant committing to embodying many sacred relationships, including some essential archetypes for my life and healing work:

  • Spirit Guide
  • Spiritual Midwife
  • Ceremonialist
  • Energy Teacher
  • Guide for Navigating Life

These archetypes often come together as a big dose of Mama Bear: mama-bear love, mama-bear practicality, mama-bear fierceness, mama-bear wisdom, mama-bear power…mama-bear healing.

I embrace my mama-bear with my people because when someone grants me entrance into their lives, when someone opens to receive me, to really lean in, to let me hold them, I show up. Period.

feather_6x4My commitment doesn’t just come on an hourly basis in exchange for a fee. My healing work isn’t separate from my life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend.

Allowing me into your life and all those soft and potentially scared or angry places is a gift. And showing up for you also takes care of my soul’s purpose for being here. That’s no small thing.

Over the years, I’ve traveled through some intense shit with my clients, who really aren’t just clients to me, they’re my beloveds.

That willingness to show up means that if someone is in serious crisis and it’s a Saturday, I will have a phone conversation. I will answer a text. I will respond to an email.

That’s because my commitment to my beloveds is real and tangible. Within that, I’m not a doormat. I can show up fully and still have boundaries around regular working hours when appropriate.

But if all else fails, I’m not in this for a 50-minute hour or a three-month coaching package that promises a certain result. When you need me, I’m here.

“Staci does not lead you into deep places unattended.” Anna C.

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home_leaf2I’m here for you

Today, I’ve spent over 15 years as a practical spirituality facilitator for individuals, couples and groups, but this quote from a beloved client says it all, “Staci does not lead you to deep places unattended.”

I’ve held beloveds emotionally, energetically, and sometimes physically in my arms, as their relationships with their spouse or best friend or father ends.

I’ve supported people in becoming bigger than their cancer diagnosis.

I’ve taught people with anxiety how to approach panic attacks as energy that we can unwind together.

I’ve talked beloveds off the ledge when they were about to jump out of a marriage worth saving.

I’ve spent years alongside women as they moved from abortion or miscarriage into preconception, pregnancy and birth. I’ve even been their birth doula.3awareness_evoo73

If you are walking through something difficult—a divorce, cancer, anxiety, career changes—I’ll travel with you and call upon all of my sacred relationships to support you in moving from surrender into rebirth.

I’ll hold the faith in your strength and capacity when you don’t believe in yourself, especially when you don’t believe in yourself.

I believe my beloved clients are the most awe-inspiring capable human beings ever. But ultimately, no matter how much I love and believe in you, it’s not about me.

It’s up to you to develop your power. And I’m here with every fiber of my being to support you in growing yourself whole.

Within that, patience is important. It takes time to excavate wounds, to learn to love your shadow, to practice stretching into holding paradox so you’re ready to receive expansion, a reflection of your own capacity, when it arrives.

True healing takes time to grow.

“With Staci I’ve begun a journey into my own truth – one I’ve been afraid to take for this entire lifetime. But it feels as though she holds my hand and grants a space where I can come to trust my own instincts, intuition, and wisdom…This is the most worthwhile work I’ve ever done.” Diana C.

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home_leaf2The other side of surrender is rebirth

While healing work may sound daunting, and even scary, it’s not all hard and gnarly, I swear.

Because when you really let and follow the Universe does not leave you stranded and alone. Synchronicity arrives as a guiding force that provides a trail of meaning to follow in daily life. Plus, I’ll be there too.believeinyrslf

I’ve witnessed my beloveds realize power in so many ways, and here are just a few:

  • Identifying life purpose
  • Landing a dream job
  • Reclaiming bodies as sacred space
  • Clarifying and deepening loving relationships
  • Making friends with scared little girls inside
  • Learning how to trust

It’s okay to be scared. That’s why I’m here, to hold the faith and your hand at the same time. But beyond scared the question is:

Are you willing to learn how to love and believe in yourself? Are you ready to practice fierce love?

If so, click here to schedule your free 30 minute call to begin.

“The unique earth-based, wise-woman energy therapy that Staci offers has allowed me to sit with and move through some of the most difficult transitions in my life with awareness and grace. ” Hannah E.

home_leaf2Dancing-Tree Consulting Roots

Dancing-Tree Consulting is a resource for you to discover healing in your own way. Dancing-Tree rests on Practical Spirituality®, an approach to life that connects earth-based, women’s spirituality and Western ways.

TreeStaciBoden800roundPractical Spirituality recognizes life as a relationship where healing can be a journey AND a destination. Some journeys lead to tangible results: a new job, relationship, baby or state of health. Other journeys grow essential gifts along the way: trust, strength, patience, or commitment.

Practical Spirituality starts with letting go of either/or dualistic reality in order to enter an And world by simultaneously practicing:

1. Living in the present moment and
2. Holding focus for an outcome and
3. Staying in the unknown regarding an outcome

Whether you wind up with a new job, increased inner strength, or both, consciously navigating through your life awakens you in surprising and beautiful ways. You become your most precious resource.