Book: Turning Dead Ends into Doorways

“Staci Boden is the ideal guide for navigating the unknown. She is the wise friend, the generous teacher, the compassionate soul-sister you’ve always wished for.” Sage Cohen, author of The Productive Writer.

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Individual Healing Sessions

"The support and unconditional love Staci provides has given me a space to grow into my life. The lessons of the eight teachers and learning to, ‘lean in, follow the energy, trust myself and grow a relationship with the unknown’ ..."

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Dance Ceremony

“7Directions dance ceremonies gives me the space to create and dance with an intention. And that is incredibly powerful because the intention I dance becomes something I live and deepen every day.” June R.

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"Healing is a journey as much as a destination." Staci Boden

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How can you navigate whatever life throws your way? Let's talk.


However you found me, welcome to Practical Spirituality.

Practical Spirituality connects the spiritual with the practical to help people find a point of balance between the unknown and daily life.

How do you cultivate peace in the middle of a traffic jam?

How can a job search become a quest for meaning?

What gives you strength in the midst of divorce, financial strain or a potential cancer diagnosis?

How can letting go of a lover or career path lead to rebirth?

Practical Spirituality is a spiritual practice and approach to life that supports you in consciously living into these questions every day.

Practical Spirituality recognizes life as a relationship where healing can be a journey AND a destination. Some journeys lead to tangible results: a new job, relationship, baby or state of health. Other journeys grow essential gifts along the way: trust, strength, patience, or commitment.

The heart of Practical Spirituality rests in letting go and following energy.

sboden_650pxMy name is Staci Boden, and I’ve been practicing following energy since I was a teenager.

Today, I draw upon over 20 years of experience to teach individuals and groups how to let go and follow energy so they can navigate life with grace and power.

I’m a practical spirituality coach, energy teacher and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways. I’m also an earth-based mama-bear spiritual-midwife life-guide ceremony-woman.

I’m here to get behind you and your healing. To travel through life with you, no matter what shows up on your doorstep. Your healing is my sacred work, and that means you’re not just a potential client, you’re a potential beloved.

This quote from a beloved client says it all, “Staci does not lead you to deep places unattended.”

comesailaway_mFollowing starts with letting go.

You can’t learn to let go with your mind alone. Letting go takes practice.

You practice by excavating old feelings, fears, stuck energy, and belief systems.

You practice by learning how to connect with your body to inhabit yourself in a new way.

You practice through experiencing non-ordinary states of consciousness like guided imagery, subtle energy work, dance ceremony or breathwork.

You practice by connecting with eight teachers from my book: fear, awareness, choice, body, intuition, energy, intention and surrender.

You also practice by how you relate to people, projects and decisions in your daily life.

Letting go definitely includes developing healthy boundaries. Something we all need lots of practice to learn!

hearthand_apagliaricciAfter practicing letting go, you naturally start to follow energy—a process that includes noticing, holding, sitting with and following energy.

Following energy means learning how to stay behind it. Do not get in front of the energy.

Pulling ourselves back takes years of practice, especially because of our control hungry culture. But the truth is, control is not a resilient coping mechanism for life. Under stress, control crumbles into a sobbing heap on the floor, immobilized.

Following, on the other hand, is flexible. Following is about growing a relationship with something–an issue in your life, a relationship, project, intention, cause, prayer or decision. You can follow anything.

Following is when the magic starts.

JoyLetting go and following connects you with the unknown mystery, your higher power, soul, psyche, God, Spirit, Earth, Shakti—whatever is sacred in your life.

The paradox is, the more you surrender to the unknown, the more creative flow arrives. The more life surprises you with meaningful synchronicity.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t about waving a magic wand to keep all hardship away. Life may still happen.

But through following, you develop the strength to navigate whatever life throws your way. You grow another kind of power–resilient power, soft power, love power–your unique power inside.

You don’t need control because you have developed the most precious resource of all: your whole self.

And from then on, whether you’re living your dreams or navigating a painful reality, you have become your own magic wand.

Where to start?

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