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“Staci Boden is the ideal guide for navigating the unknown. She is the wise friend, the generous teacher, the compassionate soul-sister you’ve always wished for.” Sage Cohen, author of The Productive Writer.

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"The support and unconditional love Staci provides has given me a space to grow into my life. The lessons of the eight teachers and learning to, ‘lean in, follow the energy, trust myself and grow a relationship with the unknown’ ..."

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“7Directions gives me the space to create and dance with an intention. And that is incredibly powerful because the intention I dance becomes something I live and deepen every day.” June R.

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"Healing is a journey as much as a destination." Staci Boden

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There I was again. Having a perfectly lovely conversation with a well-meaning woman discussing the pitfalls of fear-based predictions, when she said it.

“That’s why I don’t want any of that negativity, because it can create disease.”

I could have stayed quiet. I’d heard this opinion many (many) times. In fact, it’s these beliefs while growing up with a legally blind mom and helping clients get unstuck around health, work and relationships that had propelled me toward a different conception of healing for the past 20 years.

But frankly, I had too many beloveds currently facing challenging unknowns to remain silent.

I breathed in gentleness and said, “I hear you. It’s on us to make the best choices we can. But sometimes life throws us a curve ball. Two years ago my teenage daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Thankfully, she’s okay now. But I don’t believe we did anything to create that reality.”

Days later and the conversation continues inside. I’m eternally grateful for my daughter’s health. And yet the fierce mama in me, not only the mama-to-my-kids but also the one who is connected to everything, remains clear.

None of us are free until we’re all free.

When you’re doing everything you can to heal and don’t achieve a certain outcome, you feel like you’re doing something wrong. You feel like you’re wrong. The blame and shame and exhaustion from trying to make life look a certain way only further cements pain.

I’m all for positive outcomes. I really want you to be happy. And my ultimate commitment is for you to feel strong and able to navigate any reality that appears at your doorstep.

Because whether you’re in active crisis, feeling stuck on the edge of transition or looking for a new way to experience life, healing belongs to you too.

Healing belongs to everyone.

When healing is a journey as well as a destination, it can be a positive outcome, an aha moment and an inner quality. You’re free to develop healing in your own way. From there, what you discover forms a foundation for who you are and emanates out into the world as your next new beginning.

Your healing journey begins with two questions:

What do you need?

How can I support you?