If 12:01am represents the dawn of a new day in a life, you often find me at around 11:48pm.

Most of you find me to learn how to navigate surrender.

I mean the kind of surrender that comes when life is changing, or needs to change.

Often, we don’t know how to move through change without our lives breaking down or blowing up. I support you through letting go into rebirth.

Change is a process that includes:

  • Endings that can come as unexpected news or a conscious decision
  • Letting go of a specific reality–relationship, health, work–as well as the hopes and dreams it carried
  • Making friends with the unknown to cultivate spaciousness inside (without getting stuck in fear)
  • Integrating insight to explore new possibilities
  • Activating new parts of yourself or life through daily choices and actions

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality connects the spiritual with the practical to help people follow the energy and find a point of balance between the unknown and daily life.

How do you cultivate peace in the middle of a traffic jam?

How can a job search become a quest for meaning?

What gives you strength in the midst of divorce or financial strain or any of life’s challenges?

How can letting go of a relationship or job lead to rebirth?

There’s a huge difference between recognizing a need to change and actually doing the work.

Practical Spirituality is a practice and approach to life that supports you in consciously living into these questions every day.

My name is Staci Boden. Practical Spirituality sources my life, including the many healing services I offer.

I’m a life guide, spiritual midwife, couple’s coach, group leader, ceremonialist, energy worker and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways. 

Today, I draw upon over 20 years of experience to teach individuals, couples and groups how to navigate life.

I’m here to travel through life with you, no matter what shows up on your doorstep.

This quote from a beloved client says it all, “Staci does not lead you to deep places unattended.”

Where to start?

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