When Life Feels Cayenne Pepper Hot

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty damn hot. And I’m not talking about the weather. There’s an electric heat coursing through me that feels so big, I want to hide, except there’s no escape (and I signed up to do something different this time around). Between the Colorado fires, Pluto squaring Uranus and recent Supreme Court rulings, the intensity is only getting stronger.

And since we’re all aspects of the collective, and vice versa, I’m witnessing a range of fiery transformation. Beloveds–both human and animal–are dying. I’m seeing many relationships change form. Sick trees are clearing space for a new garden. Health issues are shifting eating and redefining nourishment. Culminating moments of graduation have arrived. New babies are here.

Maybe it’s just the cycle of change, but there seems to be an added kick to everything right now. Life with a dash (or a heap!) of cayenne pepper on top. And here we are. Here we are.

As a former doula who now helps people birth consciousness, the current heat reminds me of an initiation moment during transition when a woman’s laboring body is opening from 7 to 10 centimeters. At this time, it’s normal to want to stop the process, to try to escape the pain, to express profound self-doubt. The only way out is through, and she needs to dig deep within while also leaning into her beloveds to become resourceful. She needs to surrender so she can find her power.

I feel like that’s where we are as a culture right now, deep in the midst of a hot initiation of change as we birth another way of life. I have no idea how long this birth will take, no one ever does, and so that leaves us deep inside the unknown.

As a strong feisty woman, I’m not interested in a victimized relationship with birth, surrender or the unknown itself. As an energy worker, I’m committed to learning how to navigate the unknown in daily life by growing a relationship with it.

For me that means accepting, allowing and even embracing the heat. It means grounding deep into the earth, asking for help from the invisible world and my beloveds. I’m moving one step at a time while reminding myself not to take anything too personally. I’m practicing patience and cultivating compassion, especially for the human beings around me. I’m being grateful for small blessings. And finally, I’m reminding myself to wiggle my hips so I can dance through change to welcome in this cayenne pepper life, whatever that means. Because here we are and we are here.

When the heat smolders in your life, what helps you?

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