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Trust, Awareness & Surrender in the Blogesphere

I once heard somewhere that we learn to write and we write to learn. Any creative practice is an opportunity to delve deeper into relationship. To arrive at something tangible whether it be a melody or a paragraph or even a conversation means traveling through the unknown, finding a thread of relationship and then interacting with it (with every fiber of our being) to birth new form.

Often practicing creativity means developing new parts of ourselves in practical and wise ways. I had no idea that I’d be learning iMovie and Garageband through writing a book! I also had no idea that writing a book was preparation for supporting my teenage daughter through healing cancer.

Through connecting with new amazing people these past weeks, the art of creativity continues to school me. I moved through some resistance to explore trust in the face of cancer. I also enjoyed a great conversation with Tina Robbins over at Open Roads Coaching where we discussed Practical Spirituality, awareness and surrender. Video interactions are new to me and I felt so engaged with Tina, I couldn’t stop nodding my head:)! I’m sharing the third part of our conversation below because it relates to my most recent post about surrender as a letting go and rebirth.

How are you learning to let go? How has creativity schooled you in practical and meaningful ways?

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