Waterdrop Awareness

Living is the Purpose

I danced for myself last night. My inner recovering type A personality really wanted a clear ending to 2012. A compact year in review I could tie together with lush ribbons of sea-foam and lilac and burgundy and cream.

I imagined that each color would represent something I learned in 2012 that could sustain me in 2013. Committing to who and what I love by showing up and relaxing into the stretch of new life assignments. My honest struggle to metabolize grief while choosing to follow my children’s unencumbered gaze towards the future. Practicing vibrating gratitude inside.

But as I tried to find comfort in the name of clarity, the line I drew in the sand between 2012 and 2013 turned into concrete. I felt like a sputtering engine, stuck. I began twirling, asking how I might dance this dead end into a doorway, when another vision arrived.

Inside I saw 2012 and 2013 without a line, connected as one unit in script. Words flashed inside me as a directive: relax, connect, flow, union. I remembered the last week, how in merging into the joy of just being with my family, the passage of time hadn’t really mattered. Separation was an illusion.

With a nod and a wink, this song began to play on the dance floor by Amy Steinberg:

However you find yourself at this moment in time, safe passages and gentle blessings. May you feel free to be who you are.

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