Why Energy Work?

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin

Talking is an important first step for activating healing. But I’ve found that at some point we need to move underneath whatever stories, beliefs, trauma, and lineage that’s been running your life and work the energy.

Most experiences come with an energetic imprint, especially the big moments.

Energy communicates within and throughout every aspect of your life.

The energy inside your body. The energy that gets expressed through your relationship with work, friends, spouses, finances, beliefs, health, and decision-making.

Shift your energy, shift your life

How can you discover, awaken and clarify your own energy?


And so, in addition to having meaningful discussions about your life, individual sessions include table time with subtle body energy work such as guided imagery and hands-on healing.

Table time provides an opportunity to develop a relationship with your unique energy field. Beyond cookie cutter solutions, your relationship grows through exploring:

  • Where do you feel more constricted and blocked in your body?
  • What does flow feel like?
  • What does your own energy feel like?
  • Are you carrying around other people’s energy?
  • How do you let go and create more space inside?
  • What are the ways you perceive and track energy?

If you’re hesitant about energy work, we can move forward slowly over time if necessary, but I highly recommend it.

That’s because connecting with subtle energy develops your capacity to hold, notice, let go, receive, follow and activate yourself, inside and out. I call this navigating energy.

Practicing navigating your own subtle energy can teach you how to move through life in a whole other way.

When a challenge arrives, you can unwind the energy inside your belly rather than collapse around it.

When an opportunity arises, you can connect and expand potential through following energy inside yourself and daily life situations.

And when something wonderful happens, being able to receive and hold the energy more fully will help the prosperity take root and thrive across many areas of your life.

I really want that for you.

Connecting with energy inside is valuable because you’ll discover:

You can go there and maintain a sense of humor.

You can go there and negotiate relationship.

You can go there while remembering your power.

You don’t have to open the door to the mystery and just lay down and take it.

You can go in standing, scared but willing. You can go in slow. You can go in gentle. You can go in strong. You can even go in playful.

But you need to go in and through the mystery to let go of what isn’t yours, gather any missing parts and reclaim sacred space inside. That’s your birthright.

Because honey, on the other side of fear what’s really waiting for you is unconditional love. Beauty. Magic. Creativity. Trust. Your own truth. Intuition. Inner power.

Over time, following your healing energy transforms clues into specific practices and tools.

Energy work becomes a creative practice where you’re free to inhabit yourself fully, with joy, strength, trust or whatever you most need to feel more whole and powerful.

Along the way, you become your own most precious resource, able to navigate life with a sense of choice, no matter what.

Energy work during individual sessions

About halfway through the session after some deep conversation, we move inward to practice connecting with your own subtle energy, feelings and body sensations.  

You decide whether to focus on connecting with your body or visioning about a life issue and get comfortable fully clothed on a massage table. We practice grounding and I call in a circle of support. Next, we move inward together.

I become your guide by encouraging you to follow your process, especially noticing sounds, images, colors and textures as clues for core healing.

We also practice getting real by going wherever you need to reclaim yourself. You’re free to laugh, cry, shake, cough or be blissfully still. I’m following your energy, and right by your side the entire time.

Afterwards, we compare notes to integrate your experience. We notice the clues and connect your inner work with everyday issues, especially those you’ve raised in our session.

I realize the idea of letting go can feel foreign, maybe even a bit scary. But in the end, it’s actually very freeing.

Learning how to let go and follow energy starts with yourself. And I’m with you all the way.

What kind of energy work will we practice?

I draw upon 20 years as a guide, medium and energy worker so you can find your own way home, to yourself.

As a conscious medium, I see, hear, feel, sense and perceive subtle energy. I believe that’s called “omni-clairvoyant”.  

I see energetic structures on bodies. I hear intuitive guidance. I sense energy as texture, color and feeling states.

I believe invisible energy realms exist. I also believe we take on other energy besides our own, and that sometimes it can be nasty to untangle.

I have over 10 years of training in non-ordinary states of consciousness practices which includes hands-on healing, guided imagery, ceremony and traversing a variety of spiritual realms.

I’m deeply connected with earth-based healing practices such as breathwork and dance ceremony.     

Specifically, I offer subtle body restructuring, trans-mediumship and I’m a Reiki practitioner. As a white woman who has not trained to carry specific original indigenous lines, I would not call myself a shaman. Within that, my healing work is quite shamanic.

Unless given permission, I don’t “look” at someone’s energy body. But during table work, I simultaneously offer guided imagery and hands on healing if you like. This can include subtle body restructuring where we learn to untangle what isn’t yours together.

While I have decades of practice in mediumship, I believe you’re a medium too. We all have the capacity to follow energy through accessing intuition.

I’m not going to fix you – because you’re not broken

I can be a guide and resource for you to realize your own form of intuition, and even mediumship.

Many beloved clients have said I hold a loving space for re-mothering.

During guided imagery and energy work, this looks like welcoming parts of ourselves to come forward–the little ones inside–to facilitate trust and wholeness. This can be a verbal or more quiet process depending on what you need, and prefer.

I can be all the above as an energy medium and still walk with practical feet and a laughing heart.

I’ve simply learned to trust that energy matters. Hugely.

The ability to shift your own energy can help you stop spinning and truly move forward in life.

Where to start? Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute call.