Individual Sessions: Testimonials

“The unique earth-based, wise-woman energy therapy that Staci offers has allowed me to sit with and move through some of the most difficult transitions in my life with awareness and grace. Her sessions are just the right combination of talk (checking in), bodywork and assessment. I always feel seen, held, and lighter afterwards.” Hannah E.

“Staci does not lead you into deep places unattended.” Anna C.

“Recently I was struck by the (rather frightening) realization that, without Staci, I may have lived the rest of my life having never experienced the profound insight, awareness and healing this deep sacred work offers. Staci is the real deal. Where other practices I’ve tried have been mere saccharine, her teaching is sweet honey, straight from the bee. She is a spiritual midwife, holding you in her arms as you are delivered from the pain of the past. I will give you this warning: Do not step into this process with Staci unless you are truly prepared to awaken that which has been sleeping, deep inside of you, for far too long.” Jenny B.

“I trust Staci completely.” Melissa F.

“With Staci I’ve begun a journey into my own truth – one I’ve been afraid to take for this entire lifetime. But it feels as though she holds my hand and grants a space where I can come to trust my own instincts, intuition, and wisdom. When I’m overwhelmed I can rely on the tools I’ve found instead of various addictions. Sessions with Staci are the most worthwhile work I’ve ever done.” Diana C.

“Staci holds sacred space better that anyone I have ever experienced.” Velma G.

“I’m in Michigan, so Staci and I work via Skype…but she may as well be sitting right next to me. She is so in tune with what I experience during our sessions together. If I am visualizing sitting by the sea, she will, in that exact moment, mention the sea. If an animal friend or spirit guide shows up for me, Staci knows it immediately. She can detect the precise sensations in my body and intuit how to work that energy. It’s truly uncanny. I may never understand how she does this, but I’m just so grateful for her and this deep, powerful work.” Liz J.

“Staci has guided me to connect with my voice within. She helps me to see who I really am and to better understand my relationships and the dynamics I have with others. I’ve covered ground about myself and what makes me tick with Staci that could have taken years with traditional therapy methods.” Carla D.

“Staci’s methods helped me see that healing power is not only real, it is within all of us. Sometimes what it takes is learning a few tools and a lot of support. ” Jason J.

“Staci’s guidance and 7Directions Dance have helped me navigate through almost every life challenge in the past few years with grace, thoughtfulness, confidence and growth.” Ellen R.

“I began my one-on-one work with Staci during a period of major difficulty and transition in my life. Through our sessions I learned how to create boundaries to protect my energy, to use my body as a tool for awareness, and to surrender to the unknown while remaining conscious of my own power. Over time, I cultivated tools that allowed me to relate to my life from a position of greater strength and gratitude.” Theresa M.

“Where do the therapists, healers and priestesses go when we need support? We go to Staci.” April T., Teacher and Priestess

“Staci is an incredibly valuable resource and a true gem. Amidst turmoil and chaos, she has taught me how to get grounded. Staci’s been a guiding light.”  Sadie L.

“The spiritual and emotional prep work I did with Staci in the months prior to my daughter’s birth was so thorough, that on the day of her arrival, it seemed as if a colossal amount of the hard work had already been done.” Amelia J.

“Warm, compassionate, sincere, and insightful — these are just a few of the words that come in when I think about Staci.” Rebecca D.