Sample Client Stories

Is healing work with me right for you? Read some sample client stories illustrating the areas of life we can address together. To protect confidentiality these are “inspired by” stories representing a small sample of people. Contact me for a free phone call to discuss your specific needs.


Challenge: Deborah feels stuck–she’s unhappy at work and in her current relationship but doesn’t know how to move forward. She’s tried different healing work including psychotherapy and meditation but nothing has clicked. Though she loves drawing and longs walks in nature, Deborah doesn’t necessarily consider herself “spiritual”. Lately, it seems like one thing hard thing after another keeps happening. Deborah feels like someone or something is trying to send her a message, but she can’t see how the pieces fit together.

Opportunity: Feeling stuck is often a precursor of a need for transition. Sometimes transition means shifting an internal pattern and sometimes making external changes through work or relationships are necessary. By combining personal development with guided visualization and energy work, individual sessions become focused opportunities to release blocks, explore potential and actualize your unique transformation.


Challenge: Lisa has a history of clinically diagnosed anxiety manifesting as panic attacks, insomnia and a constant feeling of dread in her stomach. After spending years in therapy and stopping medication successfully, Lisa still deals with fear every day. Lately, problems with her partner are creating heart palpitations. Besides offering medication, Lisa’s doctors are recommending that she “look at her lifestyle.” Lisa doesn’t want to go back on medication. There’s got to be another way.

Opportunity: Anxiety, or fear of fear, can be debilitating. I’ve worked extensively with anxiety in individual and group settings for years at a time. Together, we move beyond blame and frustration.

By approaching anxiety as a form of energy and exploring guided visualization, energy work, and/or Sacred Dance, you can develop unique tools to transform your relationship with anxiety. Whether the anxiety lightens or not, you can move from victimhood into empowerment to better navigate around fear in your life.


Challenge: Tom is a corporate manager who has spent years writing and painting. He often finds himself in leadership roles and aspires to start his own creative business. Just last week, three people told him how much they value his art. Tom works 80-hour weeks and is exhausted. He isn’t sure how much longer he can take the toxic work environment. Tom would like to begin actualizing his dream, but he doesn’t know where to begin or what to do about his current job.

Opportunity: Whether you’re tending to others as a corporate manager, schoolteacher, or holistic healing practitioner, self-care for productive people is essential to avoid burnout. Individual sessions provide a strong container for you to rest into and heal. While you’re nourishing yourself, you develop clarity about the future.

As a mentor and co-facilitator of a teacher training program, I’ve supported many people in developing leadership and personal authority regarding dreams, projects or businesses. As an author and entrepreneur, I also understand the practical aspects of small business development (hello, marketing). Individual sessions provide full spectrum care that can address your personal and professional transformation.


Challenge: Teresa is a 45 year-old mother of two children, age 13 and 11. Teresa has been happily married to Simon for 15 years, or so she thought. Last night Simon came home and said he’d met someone else. In fact, he’s been seeing this woman for the past six months. He wants a divorce. Teresa feels like she’s just been thrown off a cliff. She’s shocked and devastated. She doesn’t know what to do.

Opportunity: Sometimes life throws you a curveball through sudden loss or illness. In an instant, everything has changed in a frightening way. There’s no going back but you don’t know how to move forward.

Whether facing a shocking divorce, painful diagnosis or sick family member, I can help you find your way through challenging times. I’ve held many people through painful times, including traveling through unimaginable realities in my own life.

As you lean into my strength to find your own, we’ll call upon the eight teachers from my book, especially surrender, so you can travel from loss through change to rebirth. In the end, healing might look different than you imagined, but you can still grow a powerful resource: yourself.


Challenge: Sometimes during interpersonal interactions, Sam’s stomach clenches, his hands tingle and his leg begins twitching for no apparent reason. Sam’s friend told him that he needs to learn about energy and so he bought a couple of books, but just can’t seem to plow through them. Sam sees a psychotherapist he trusts and doesn’t want to stop therapy. Sam is feeling overwhelmed by all these strange experiences.

Opportunity: Knowing how to respond when energy begins to “talk” through body sensations can be confusing. I offer complementary care alongside psychotherapy by providing a spiritual lens and a place to practice working with energy. By normalizing your relationship with energy, you can become an active participant in recognizing how energy is already helping you grow. As you experience energy work and guided visualization, often feelings and imagery rise to the surface that relates energy to increased body awareness. Over time, you can identify your own unique tools—from the practical to the mystical—to find more balance in daily life.


Challenge: Jane is four months pregnant and has a painful relationship with intimacy, body image and interpersonal dynamics. Childbirth and mothering is a source of fear and overwhelm. She longs to make decisions that resonate with her but feels confused about all the incoming information regarding pregnancy and childbirth.

Opportunity: Whether you’re already pregnant, in preconception or considering motherhood from a distance, the journey through parenting is ripe with healing potential. During our sessions, I draw on my professional doula and Birthing Intuition experience to help you grow trust, connect with body wisdom, and discover personal truths. Energy work releases blocks and clarifies needs. Guided visualization serves as excellent preconception support and childbirth preparation. As part of an ongoing healing relationship, I’m willing to consider being a doula at a client’s birth.