Individual Sessions: How Sessions Work

Individual sessions last 60 or 90 minutes in person, via phone or on Skype. We start with you checking-in, often focusing on a challenging area of your life.

I follow your pace, creating a loving atmosphere where you’re free to cry, be angry and laugh hard. I’m always listening for ways you can discover your power and I call upon all my experience to get behind your healing.*

About halfway through the session, we move inward for guided visualization so you can practice connecting with your own subtle energy, feelings and body sensations.

I’m by your side supporting you with questions, guidance and energy work. Often your unique imagery comes alive to offer specific insight. These sounds, images, colors and textures become important clues for developing core healing.

Afterwards, we notice the clues and connect your inner work with everyday issues, especially those you’ve raised in our session.

Over time, following your healing energy transforms clues into specific practices and tools.

You discover your own healing ways. And you become your own most precious resource, able to navigate life with meaning, no matter what.

*Individual sessions are not psychotherapy.