Spiritual Counseling and Energy Work

"The support and unconditional love Staci provides has given me a space to grow into my life. The lessons of the eight teachers from her book and learning to, "lean in, follow the energy, trust myself and grow a relationship with the unknown" has empowered me to heal from life-threatening illness, recover from PTSD, find the love of my life, and take the steps towards my true life calling." Jade L.

People often say I’m a direct woman, so let’s start by getting to the point.

You’re not just a potential client to me.

My earth-based healing work isn’t separate from my life as a mother or friend.

My healing work is part of my soul’s purpose. It’s sacred to me.

And so allowing me into your life is a gift and responsibility, a sacred trust.

You’re not a potential client, you’re a potential beloved.

“With Staci I’ve begun a journey into my own truth – one I’ve been afraid to take for this entire lifetime. But it feels as though she holds my hand and grants a space where I can come to trust my own instincts, intuition, and wisdom. When I’m overwhelmed I can rely on the tools I’ve found instead of various addictions. This is the most worthwhile work I’ve ever done.” Diana C.

I’ll walk through fire with you

I’m practical spirituality facilitator, energy worker, author and guide for consciously navigating life.

I’m also an earth-based mediumistic fiercely-loving spiritual midwife.

If you’re looking for talk therapy or a traditional life coach, if you aren’t willing to discuss some experiential woo-woo, I’m not your person.

My commitment is to travel through life with you, no matter what. After 20 years, I’ve navigated many infernos with beloved clients.

I’ve held people through relationships ending, panic attacks, abortion, transitioning careers, moving, parental struggles, cancer, meeting new loves—and this is with just ONE beloved. I’ve also focused exclusively on one area of life with people–anxiety, relationships, career changes, developing trust–for years.

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People often find me:

  • Feeling stuck or frozen on the threshold of change
  • Longing to let go and surrender (a relationship, life pattern, trauma)
  • Reeling from an unexpected shattering life circumstance
  • Looking for more than talk therapy
  • Needing to schedule self-care (or it doesn’t happen)
  • Struggling inside specific relationship, anxiety, grief, and/or health issues

To move through life’s ups and downs without falling over, we need to call in some serious support. For me that looks like invoking the four directions and helping Spirits.

Understand that I have no agenda about what your healing looks like. My job is to follow your potential healing with every fiber of my being.

Within that, I can’t promise to wave a magic wand and cure your life. As much as I will show up, as much as I care and believe in you, especially when you don’t believe in yourself, your power stems from becoming your own magic wand.

“Recently I was struck by the (rather frightening) realization that, without Staci, I may have lived the rest of my life having never experienced the profound insight, awareness and healing this deep sacred work offers. Staci is the real deal. Where other practices I’ve tried have been mere saccharine, her teaching is sweet honey, straight from the bee. She is a spiritual midwife, holding you in her arms as you are delivered from the pain of the past. I will give you this warning: Do not step into this process with Staci unless you are truly prepared to awaken that which has been sleeping, deep inside of you, for far too long.” Jenny B.

What do I need from you?

I need you to show up. I need you to share your hopes and fears with me. I need you to let me hold space for you emotionally and energetically.

I need you to give yourself time to grow some sea legs by attending regular sessions. I also need room to get to know you so that I can follow you, travel with you, deeply and well.

Healing takes time, and it’s a worthwhile investment. Developing your capacity from the inside out will change your life in magical ways.


And if the shit hits the fan, which it does at least a few times in life, you’ll have some serious navigating power to call upon.

That’s what I can offer you–my fierce heart, every tool I’ve gathered, all of my sacred relationships, with a deep commitment of presence and love.

“Staci does not lead you into deep places unattended.” Anna C.

“I trust Staci completely.” Melissa F.

Why energy work?

Talking is an important first step for activating healing. And I’ve found that at some point we need to move underneath whatever stories, beliefs, trauma, and lineage that’s been running your life and work the energy.

The energy inside your body. The energy that gets expressed through your relationship with work, friends, lovers, finances, beliefs, health, and decision-making. Energy communicates within and throughout every aspect of your life.

Diving underneath to experience energy develops your capacity to hold expansion when it arrives. Otherwise, it will fade away, leaving you confused and stuck, again.

And so, in addition to having meaningful discussions about your life, individual sessions with me include subtle body energy work such as guided imagery and hands-on healing.

Practicing following energy during an individual session is what will teach you how to navigate daily life with more wholeness and power.

“I’m in Michigan, so Staci and I work via Skype…but she may as well be sitting right next to me. She is so in tune with what I experience during our sessions together. If I am visualizing sitting by the sea, she will, in that exact moment, mention the sea. If an animal friend or spirit guide shows up for me, Staci knows it immediately. She can detect the precise sensations in my body and intuit how to work that energy. It’s truly uncanny. I may never understand how she does this, but I’m just so grateful for her and this deep, powerful work.” Liz J.



“The unique earth-based, wise-woman energy therapy that Staci offers has allowed me to sit with and move through some of the most difficult transitions in my life with awareness and grace. Her sessions are just the right combination of talk (checking in), bodywork and assessment. I always feel…” Read More


Client Stories

Is healing work with me right for you? Read some sample client stories illustrating the areas of life we can address together. To protect confidentiality these are “inspired by” stories…Read More


How individual sessions work

Individual sessions last 60 or 90 minutes in person, via phone or on Skype. We start with you checking-in, often focusing on a challenging area of your life.

I follow your pace, creating a loving atmosphere where you’re free to cry, be angry and laugh hard. I’m always listening for ways you can discover your power and I call upon all my experience to get behind your healing.

About halfway through the session, we move inward so you can practice connecting with your own subtle energy, feelings and body sensations.

After deciding if you want to focus on making friends with your body or visioning about a life issue, you lie down fully clothed, get comfortable and close your eyes. We practice grounding together and I call in a circle of support.

I close my eyes and see myself traveling with you, offering questions, guidance and hands-on energy work.

I encourage you to follow your process and your vision. Often your unique imagery comes alive to offer specific insight. These sounds, images, colors and textures become important clues for developing core healing.

We practice getting real by going wherever you need to reclaim yourself. We may even get a little wild. You’re free to laugh, cry, shake, cough or be blissfully still. I may sometimes burp to clear energy or even croon nonsensically in a loving mama-bear voice.

I realize the idea of letting go like this can feel foreign, maybe even a bit scary. This is how you learn how to let go and follow energy, by starting with yourself. And I’m with you all the way.

“Staci holds sacred space better that anyone I have ever experienced.” Velma G.

By going inside, you’ll discover:

You can go there and remember a sense of humor. You can go there and negotiate relationship. You can go there while remembering your power.

You don’t have to open the door to the mystery and just lay down and take it. You can go in standing, scared but willing. You can go in slow. You can go in gentle. You can go in strong. You can even go in playful.

But you need to go in and through the mystery to gather some things, especially some of your own missing parts.

Because honey, on the other side of fear what’s really waiting for you inside the mystery is unconditional love. Beauty. Magic. Creativity. Trust. Your own truth. Intuition. Inner power.





“Staci is the real deal. Where other practices I’ve tried have been mere saccharine, her teaching is sweet honey, straight from the bee. She is a spiritual midwife, holding you in her arms as you are delivered from the pain of the past.” Jenny B.




While your individual journey will have it’s own pace, healing usually needs time to grow. To begin, I recommend meeting for 60 or 90 minutes…
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Afterwards, we compare notes so you can ground and integrate your experience. We notice the clues and connect your inner work with everyday issues, especially those you’ve raised in our session.

Over time, following your healing energy transforms clues into specific practices and tools. Energy work becomes a creative practice where you’re free to inhabit yourself fully, with joy, strength, trust or whatever you most need to feel more whole and powerful.

Along the way, you become your own most precious resource, able to navigate life with a sense of choice, no matter what.

To experience a sample individual session, contact me for a free 30 minute call.