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Quote Sweetonveg

Got Anxiety? Start here.

I never planned on developing a specialty in anxiety. But in the last 15 years, anxiety has seemed to find …

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Openheart Cassandrakinaviaqrae

The Power of Vulnerability

Years ago we wouldn’t talk about vulnerability and power in the same sentence, unless it was as opposites. We were …

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Waterdrop Awareness

Living is the Purpose

I danced for myself last night. My inner recovering type A personality really wanted a clear ending to 2012. A …

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Color Tracenietert

Awareness and Intuition Starts with Your Senses

This week has been about raw primordial unknowing. Beyond good or bad, I’ve been inhabiting a rich dark place inside …

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Hearthand Apagliaricci

Inside Gratitude

The inspiration arrived in the middle of Sacred Dance. We each work with an intention for five months as a …

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Butterfly Randysonofrobert

Shake It Up Baby: Getting Past Stuck

After reading how so many people are feeling scared in relationship with transition on Tiny Buddha, I felt sad. And …

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Trust, Awareness & Surrender in the Blogesphere

I once heard somewhere that we learn to write and we write to learn. Any creative practice is an opportunity …

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Holdingsun Jeffmcneill

The Other Side of Surrender is Rebirth

I’ve spent many hours in the past week having emergency phone sessions with clients dealing with surrender. It seems like …

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Indigosky Rudolfgetel

Dancing with the Weight of the World

I’ve been grappling with what it means to live with eyes open wide without feeling weighed down by depression. Last …

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Healing TDID Crop1

Healing Belongs to Everyone

There I was again. Having a perfectly lovely conversation with a well-meaning woman discussing the pitfalls of relaying ominous fear-inspiring …

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