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Awareness and Intuition Starts with Your Senses

This week has been about raw primordial unknowing. Beyond good or bad, I’ve been inhabiting a rich dark place inside except for a steady stream, really a geyser, of colored light bursting up and out towards…somewhere.

The colors change constantly from ruby red to indigo blue to steel grey to forest green to golden yellow. My task is to allow the waves of color to flow without entangling them in story. To just let them be.

I realize this may not sound rational, but that’s not the point. The point is to trust what I’m sensing even when my mind (or ego!) doesn’t understand what’s happening inside.

Following energy happens one step through at a time based on awareness and intuition. This is where my senses are leading me right now.

What about you? Consider one sense that often shows up in your daily life. Do you tend to be more aware of sounds, colors, images, textures, smells, or body sensations?

You can start activating awareness and intuition by paying attention to one of your senses throughout the day. What might it be communicating?

In fact, you can begin now. Close your eyes for a moment. What’s the first image, sound, texture, or feeling that wants your attention?

*photo by Trace Nietert

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