7Directions® Facilitator Training

"When you let go and follow energy, magic enters your life." Turning Dead Ends into Doorways

Become a 7Directions Facilitator and cultivate leadership throughout your life.

7Directions connects conscious dance with earth-based ceremony to create a spiritual practice for navigating life.

As a 15 year-old earth-based sacred dance ceremony, we hold 7Directions is an alive being and our main teacher. We humbly ask all the helping forces who come through 7Directions to come and guide us in developing our facilitator selves as we birth another level of this dance ceremony healing line together.

Your Facilitator Journey

The 7Directions facilitator journey integrates practicing dance ceremony with instructional teaching and “behind the scenes” fireside discussions. Since 7Directions arises from an oral tradition, the focus isn’t book learning but experiential life learning.

Held by Staci Boden and Ruby Monsen with essential assistance from Erin Ramsden and food for the soul by Gail Masri, you’ll learn to follow, hold, assist and facilitate 7Directions through studying:

  • conscious container
  • earth-based dance ceremony
  • subtle energy work
  • sacred music playlists
  • group process
  • and so much more…

Program Overview

Our intention is to co-create a loving deep strong (fun!) learning container throughout three intensive weekends (Thursday-Sunday) and then pause for some months so you have time to complete requirements before a fourth loving deep strong (fun!) graduation weekend (Friday-Sunday).

Weekend #1: Awakening Your Inner Facilitator through 7Directions

The focus of our first weekend together is to dance open the 7Directions training doorway and begin to awaken your inner facilitator. To maintain a strong container of sacred potency and respect the mystery, some details will remain private. Generally, this weekend includes:

  • Meeting, welcoming, initiating your individual inner 7Directions facilitator
  • Discovering the template of 7Directions dance ceremony
  • Exploring the elements of an earth-based ceremony container
  • Studying the difference between dance groups, dance ceremony and earth-based ceremony
  • Discussing dance ceremony as a spiritual practice, form of medicine and healing path.
  • Connecting with the archetypal energy of 7Directions assistant and facilitator
  • Identifying the different forms of 7Directions: public, ongoing women’s, morning and private dance ceremonies
  • Learning how to follow subtle energy within yourself, an individual and a group during an SD ceremony
  • Practicing subtle body energy work to support participants during an SD
Weekend #2: Following Energy through Creating SD Playlists

Our second weekend is devoted to learning the process, lineage, template, beauty and magic of creating 7Directions sacred music playlists. Since 2002, the nature of 7Directions as a ceremony where everyone dances, including facilitators, meant creating playlists. Out of respect for our lineage, over time with deep study Staci developed a process for creating playlists in advance that still follows energy in a sacred organic way. This weekend emphasizes:

  • Building on awakening your inner facilitator through dance ceremony
  • Discovering the musical template and arc of 7Directions
  • Learning the process for creating 7Directions sacred playlists
  • Connecting with the Spirits of 7Directions through sacred music
  • Receiving lists of 7Directions music organized by template and arc
  • Studying 7Directions music for public, women’s/ongoing, and morning dance ceremonies
  • Answering any question you ever wanted to ask about 7Directions music
  • Making the process of creating 7Directions playlists accessible and nourishing
Weekend #3: Becoming a 7Directions Facilitator in Daily Life

Our third weekend delves into the art and practice of creating 7Directions dance ceremonies for groups. We will go behind the scenes of developing, organizing, marketing and following the energy of one 7Directions, as well as explore what it means to hold ongoing circles. We will also clearly delineate the different forms of 7Directions (public, women’s/ongoing, morning) to help you prepare to meet your co-facilitator requirements for certification. Our weekend involves:

  • Continuing to awaken your inner facilitator through practicing dance and sacred music
  • Discussing practical details about organizing 7Directions
  • Initiating and holding 7Directions groups from a first seat perspective
  • Building strong teams through clear assistant, second and first seat roles
  • Creating a marketing flyer or email for 7Directions
  • Following the energy of a group the 10 days before and after 7Directions as a facilitator
  • Identifying differences between public, women’s/ongoing, and morning 7Directions
  • Navigating group facilitation dynamics
  • Answering questions so you feel prepared and excited to co-facilitate training 7Directions towards certification
Weekend #4, Spring 2018: Graduating as a 7Directions Facilitator

Our fourth weekend celebrates the relationship you’ve grown with yourself and daily life through becoming a 7Directions Facilitator. The specific date depends on class size and a consensus around timing that balances meeting requirements with family and work commitments. Some general details include:

  • Following the mystery of graduation as 7Directions reveals over time
  • Holding an intention for a loving, joyful, FUN, nourishing, celebration weekend together
  • Reserving the right to extend graduation weekend from Thursday-Sunday if we need more time to complete in a good way

Practical Details

The first class graduates in Spring of 2018

Location: Santa Cruz Mountains about 45 minutes from SFO

Tuition includes:

  • All Teaching and Materials for 15-18 months (length of training)
  • Room & Board for all 4 weekends (Thurs-Sun + graduation Fri-Sun)
  • Individual and Group Integration Calls in between weekends
  • Individual and Group Music Mentoring with Staci in between weekends
  • Editing and mentoring for creating 7Directions training flyers/e-flyers with Staci
  • Unlimited email support

Tuition does not include:

  • Your travel
  • The cost of building a music library
  • Assistant fees and Co-Facilitator Mentor Fees for Certification Requirements
  • Mentor Travel for Certification Requirements beyond the Bay Area/Santa Cruz

Payment plans are available

7Directions Facilitator Application Process

This advanced facilitator training is open to women, men and all people in significant relationship with 7Directions and/or complimentary conscious dance or earth-based ceremony.

Whether you embark on this facilitator journey is a decision we will make together through introspection and conversation.

We encourage you to sit with some questions:

  • Do you feel called to engage in a 18-month (or so) process of growing your facilitator self through 7Directions?
  • Are you willing to let go of what you think you know to become teachable?
  • Can you learn to be forgiving and patient about your learning with yourself and us all?
  • Can you make the time and commit financially?
  • Are you called to be part of an amazing 7Directions group cauldron of transformation and experience?
  • Are you ready to have some soul nourishing FUN, maybe even an experience of a lifetime, as we birth this dance ceremony line together?

Notice, we’re not asking if you think you can do it. Fear may be saying that you can’t, and this is a normal response when contemplating developing new parts of ourselves.

As the facilitators, it’s our role is to help assess your capacity for becoming a 7Direction Facilitator.

For next steps and specific details about prerequisites and certification requirements, email Staci Boden or call 415.828.2527.

Staci Boden, MA, Certified Maitri Breathwork Facilitator, is an earth-based counselor, energy teacher and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways with over 15 years of experience teaching individuals and groups how to follow energy and navigate life.

A founder of 7Directions in 2002, Staci’s love for earth-based dance ceremony has led to facilitating public, private, and ongoing women’s groups across the Bay Area. Today, Women’s 7Directions has entered its 7th year with Staci holding monthly groups in Berkeley, Moss Beach and San Francisco from September through June alongside training assistants to support these circles. She’s excited and humbled to teach future 7Directions Facilitators so that more people can experience the joy, healing and magic of dance ceremony medicine.

Deeply committed to earth-based ways, Staci has a 20-year relationship with Maitri Breathwork and the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS). She’s been on staff of the Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training Program through CSS since 2008, including co-facilitating this two-year certification program in 2012. Individual sessions with Staci support gentle transformation regarding anxiety, relationship issues and holistic business mentoring.

Ruby Monsen, BA, Certified Maitri Breathwork Facilitator, is the owner of 3Fold Healing Arts that integrates her passion for facilitating Maitri Breathwork, ceremonial sacred containers, and transpersonal healing circles with her lifelong study of Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Order.

Ruby has been in deep relationship with earth-based ways of prayer and ceremony since 2002 and is currently on staff for the Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training Program through the Center for Sacred Studies. Starting in 2010, she spent four years traveling throughout North America organizing and co-facilitating Maitri Breathworks. Today, Ruby holds Maitri Breathwork and other healing circles more locally in the Bay Area.

Her relationship with 7Directions has opened up a whole new connection with her own body and ways of expression that have expanded and heightened her life and her healing work, and she is thrilled to be on this journey with Staci and the 7Directions community. She is also a mother, a daughter, a sister, a niece, and an auntie to her incredible family at her home base in Pescadero, California.

Our first 7Directions Facilitator Training is in motion with students graduating in March of 2018.