7Directions® Dance Ceremony

"7Directions gives me the space to create and dance with an intention. And that is incredibly powerful because the intention I dance becomes something I live and deepen every day." June R.


What is 7Directions?

7Directions is a dance ceremony and healing practice that combines conscious dance, earth-based ceremony, world/pop music, subtle energy work, and creative art to facilitate personal awareness and spiritual growth.

Throughout, we invoke a relationship with seven essential places–east, south, west, north, below, above and within–to create a loving yet powerful sacred container for our highest good and deepest healing.

Whether it’s in a class, evening, workshop, retreat or ongoing group, 7Directions ceremonial ways teach us how to move through life.

7Directions’ educational services include:

  • Holding private workshops for individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Offering public events and ongoing women’s groups.
  • Designing workshops for specific life learning around transitions, letting go, birth and more.
  • Teaching people how to follow subtle energy inside oneself and within daily life.
  • Mentoring people to develop relationship with earth-based ceremony.


earth-based dance ceremony

Release, regenerate and restore with an individual or group sacred dance ceremony. Created and held by Staci Boden since 2002, 7Directions integrates freestyle conscious dance with earth-based ceremony so that art, music and movement become medicine for navigating life.

After gathering briefly we create sacred space and invoke personal intentions. Next, we embark on a journey of tribal, world, electronic and pop music to explore energy and cultivate body wisdom. As we move consciously, stress transforms into healthy and vibrant energy, and we learn what we need to feel more aware, intuitive and empowered. Ending gently with stretching and art, we connect individual healing with global blessings.

Dance ceremony becomes a spiritual connection and healing path that teaches us how to move through life.

No experience necessary, men and women welcome!


“7Directions nourishes and empowers me to open and grow. I treasure the intermingling of dance, sound and expression in a sacred space within such a beautiful, supportive community. Every time, I receive insight, grace, release.” Zoe K.

To schedule a private session for yourself, a group or organization, Contact Staci

For general information:

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ongoing women’s group

“7Directions has carried me with grace through an extremely intense and difficult year. Every time I receive an opportunity to drop in, connect with spirit, move energy and express myself fully. Whatever emotions or situations I am working on in life, I can dance with them in circle in a sacred context, and I find I always return to reverence and joy.” Rebecca E.

“7Directions is an area of my life where I feel safe enough to let go of control and be free.” Hillary L.

If you already recognize dance, music and earth-based ceremony as essential, this spiritual practice will feel like coming home.

If a busy life means scheduling your self-care, this monthly three hour experience will nourish you in a timely way, and it allows for make-up dances across two other sister groups.

If you’re a woman yearning to find your voice and dance your truth, this confidential women’s space will hold you with gentle loving strength.

Join Staci Boden for an ongoing monthly women’s circle where the healing potency of free-form dance, eclectic music and creative art meets the nourishing power of a women’s group. Held within an earth-based ceremony, 7Directions creates a loving space for women to connect and transform their lives. Women share, laugh, dance, listen, grieve, learn, celebrate, make art and eat yummy food alongside each other.

After circling up for personal check-ins, we move into dance ceremony. Accompanied by a blend of tribal, world, electronic and pop music, women are free to explore intentions, follow energy, and discover their own sense of rhythm. We complete with drawing and journaling by candlelight before offering blessings. Through each five-month session, 7Directions becomes a nourishing women’s gathering, and also a way to learn how to dance through any life circumstance.

Two sessions each year: September-January and February-June
Time: 7-10 pm (9:40-10pm snack)
Location: Choose your group–San Francisco, Berkeley or Moss Beach
Commitment: one monthly meeting for five months
Tuition: $275 for five sessions by the 3rd meeting unless otherwise arranged
Extras: a 30 minute monthly phone call ($50 value)
For more info or to register: Contact Staci

If you miss an evening in your group (for example, Berkeley), we allow one cross over visit (for example, SF).

Winter 2017 Dates

Saturdays: Feb 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10

Saturdays: Feb 18, March 25, April 29, May 20, June 17

Thursdays: Feb 16, March 23, April 27, May 18, June 22

For more info or to register Contact Staci


women’s dance ceremony weekend

Join Staci Boden for a healing 7Directions Women’s Dance Ceremony Weekend in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Enjoy a deep joyful transformative weekend to nourish, play, release, connect, revitalize, contemplate and more.

This weekend includes three 7Directions dance ceremonies, art making, eating chocolate, belly laughing, hot tubbing, and being together. We will be staying in cozy yurts (futon beds available) with electricity, showers and wood burning stoves surrounded by redwood trees.




“7Directions has been a space to experience the true embodiment of transformation. Through dancing in this ceremony, I have been able to take all the transformational wisdom existing as thoughts in my head, and dance it down into my body.” Rebecca E.

Date: TBA, 3pm Fri-3pm Sunday
Location: Santa Cruz Mountains
Tuition: $450 (all inclusive)

Preregistration required: Contact Staci
Payment plans available.